Friday, December 5, 2014

Sewing....and a pattern review

I have been on the hunt for the perfect tunic pattern for months - nay, years!  I love the look of a soft tunic with coordinating leggings.  I can wear the look to work and you know what?  It's the closest thing to being in my pajamas, and still looking presentable!

So when I glanced at the New Look pattern rack at my local Walmart a few weeks ago, lo and behold, New Look 6323 jumped up and said "Hey!  Here I am!"  Since wally world discounts patterns, for $2.99 it was worth a shot.

The cut of this tunic is simple, it flows nicely over the body - like love, it covers a multitude of sins! (1Peter 4:8)  The pattern works well with any knit fabric - I've made three of them so far, with a 4th waiting to be cut out in the morning!  I made size XL as the pattern runs, and it fits more like a 1x.  The arms are a little long, but I like it that way, and better too long than not enough!  It takes less than two hours to create a top.  I've made the leggings out of a heavier cotton/poly/spandex blend - they fit more like a pant than a super-snug legging, but that's ok too.

Here's the pattern...

The first tunic I made, I used the neckband.  Ugh, what a pain that was!  And for me, the neckline was a little low.  So I changed the neckline to use a facing instead, and raised it about 1.5".  I'll make another adjustment on this next one, and that is to bring in the back neckline a little bit, it's kind of wide.  All versions so far are the longer hemline, v-neckline, and long sleeves.

I don't have a photo of the first tunic, and it's in the laundry right now, I'll get one tomorrow...

The second tunic was made from a kitten-soft silvery gray and black velour - not a whole lot of stretch to it, and because of that the arms are a little snug.  Looks incredible with black leggings and boots.  A silvery gray scarf finishes the look.

Oh and look, I made earrings to match!  Dark gray, light gray, and white pearls, and crystal AB beads.

Next is a delightful rayon/poly blend, sooo soft (I have this thing for softness!) and very stretchy.  Found it on sale at Joann's for like $5 a yard.

And yes I made matching earrings, but no photo... I'll edit in the morning.  I also made the leggings out of a heavier knit that matches the darkest purple.  I could also wear this with gray, black, or dark olive.  And I have enough of the print fabric left over for an infinity scarf!

Another pattern I'm working with is Vogue 8691.  I'm using a black and turquoise lace over a solid turquoise knit.  I'm a little bogged down with this, as it's like making 2 shirts... but that's another post!

I have another fabric upstairs in the sewing room that is just itching to be cut out in the New Look pattern - but that's still another blog post!

I'll leave you with these words of wisdom - measure twice three times, cut once!  The first set of measurements are your own.  The second set of measurements are the pattern - measure edge to edge and remove seam allowance from each piece - so if underarm to underarm on the front pattern piece is 22", and you want a half-inch seam allowance, that will have a finished width of 21".  The third set of measurements are the actual garment measurements.  Patterns don't always run true to their size chart, so measure, measure, measure!

What pattern is your favorite, that you make time and time again?

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