Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On cleaning house and planning a vacation...

Yeahhhh... if you walked into my apartment this instant, you might not know I was cleaning.  But I was - kind of more in a mental way, than a physical way.  The physical comes later in the week.  But mentally?  I'm almost finished.

There's a bit of a story in all this...

I spent more than a few years as a seamstress, sewing outfits for gals who showed horses in western classes - and because I liked to offer variety to clients, amassed a HUGE fabric collection.  "Addicted" might describe my relationship with fabric.  But I'm really close to clean.  I decided to make one last stab at selling what is in my stash, pulled out my favorites just in case a friend needs a rail shirt, and toss the rest.

Yes, I said toss it.  In the dumpster.

It represents a time in my life that was in some ways good - able to be a SAHM while my son was in school from 6th to 10th grade, a way to stay connected to horse showing, and a way to be creative AND get some cash for it all.  But it represents a bad time - a cheating husband who is now an ex, a broken leg, other health issues - and I really want that behind me know. 

So the best of that time is in a plastic tub in the closet, and if the urge to sew strikes me, then I'll do it.  In the meantime, I actually did do some physical cleaning, and found - *gasp* - my grandmother's silver.  It isn't the full collection, but it's a good bit of it.  The box weighs at least 5 pounds, and the silver is mostly .800 grade.  Worth a little cash!  And there's a piece or two of sterling as well.

The pattern isn't very pretty (to me) and I haven't even opened the box in 10 years.  I'm taking it for an appraisal tomorrow afternoon, and maybe sell it.  Not maybe, definitely selling it.

What will I do with the cash?  I'm going here:


Yes, after many years of working, I am taking a vacation to the delightful town of Breckenridge, Colorado.  By myself.  I found some great deals, I'm working with a trainer at the fitness center to get ready for the trip, and even found a like-new pair of women's insulated ski pants at the thrift store - the pants new are $150, I paid $6.50.  (I love a bargain.)

Ok, they're 2 sizes too small, but I have 5 months, and a training program, to whip me into shape!

So that's what I've been doing lately.  And school started, so it's early American History and Intermediate Algebra up the wazoo.

Now, if I can just quit daydreaming about that ski trip...