Saturday, July 14, 2012

I've been BUSY!

Ok, I know it's been awhile, but I've been... busy.  I know, we're all busy - but I'm really really busy.  Working full time, going to school at night, two dogs, and life in general - busy! 

Earlier this summer I made the awful mistake of taking an algebra class - normally it's 12 weeks, but summer is two sessions of 6 weeks each.  Beat me up royally.  I mean, up til 1, 2 in the morning with homework.  But - I passed, and with a B no less!  Not bad for an old broad who hasn't had a math class in over 30 years, huh?  I came to my senses however, and for the second half of summer, it's art appreciation.  SO much easier!

I've actually come to really like a painting we've had a look at, and might purchase the print. It's a little more "modern" than what I usually like - usually I like "pretty" things - but there's something about this particular piece of art that I really like. There is a passion in it that... well, you take a look. Klimt's "The Kiss."

A month or so ago I had some spare time (rare!) and decided to take some of the bland beige out of my apartment.  I really like where I live, and intend to stay here for some time.  I have a short wall on which is the fireplace, and it needed something.  So I hiked it down to Lowes for some sage green paint, and what else did I find?  Translucent pearl glaze!  The wall is painted green, and I ragged on the glaze.  It has a really nice look, and changes depending on the light that hits it.  Now I just need something to go on it.  That's next month.  Here ya go.

Over Labor Day weekend I'm going to paint a long wall in my bedroom plum, and mix the same glaze in with the paint for a different look.  Ragging a 9x14 wall is too much work!

I'm going to mention a few blogs that I visit... you might like them as well.

If you love nail color, you will love this gal,  She posts often, almost daily, and gives honest reviews of the products she tries -

If you love nail color AND nail care, this is the blog for you.  She explains the science behind the product, kind of like how Alton Brown is to cooking, she is to nail polish.

For fun makeup looks, check out  She creates some awesome looks for eyes.  A little far out for this old dame, but I can be inspired...

Can't have a list of blogs without food!  I've listed the urls of the particular recipes I love - if you want to delve further into their blogs, feel free!

Oh, I love cranberries.  These are heavenly.

Chocolate and mint.  *thud!*

I love a good bialy.

I have bunches more that I follow, that's enough for now.  See all y'all later!